Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Heading into the Field in Holbrook

Report on Holbrook Fungus and Grass Identification Workshop

by Alison Pouliot

An enthusiastic crowd turned up for the fungus & grass workshop.
Photo: Elise Wenden

Over thirty people recently participated in a workshop held at the Lankey's Creek Hall to learn about two lesser known areas of biodiversity - fungi and grasses. 
Organised by Elise Wenden, facilitator of the Holbrook Landcare Network and Women in Agriculture the workshop and field foray was one of several activities held throughout the year to engage locals in fieldwork, technical training and conservation activities. Participants from various local Landcare groups attended with some travelling from as far as Young, NSW.

The fungal ecology lecture and field foray were run by Alison Pouliot while Kylie Durant engaged participants in a field walk to identify grasses and gain perspectives on ecology and landscape health.

Volvariella speciosa Photo: Elise Wenden
Even within 15 or so metres of the hall, participants recorded over a dozen fungus species including Gymnopilus junonius, Piptoporus australiensis, Boletus emodensis, Phlebopus marginatus, Hypholoma fasciculare, Macrolepiota clelandii, M. dolichaula, Oudmansiella gigaspora, Amanita xanthocephala, Chlorophyllum molybdites, Lactarius eucalypti, L. wirrabara, Volvariella speciosa, Polyporus arcularius and Geastrum triplex. In the adjoining native grasslands several species of Hygrocybe were recorded along with various dung-loving Coprinus and Panaeolus species.
Holbrook and various other Landcare groups are hoping to develop fungus survey skills further next autumn.

Identifying fungi in the field. Photo: Elise Wenden
Here is an article published in the Southern Weekly about the workshop.

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